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Here at VhrnetMedia, we offer a range of services that can give you a cutting edge advantage over your competitors and boost your profits.

Take a look at our services and decide which one you need at the moment to move your business or your client’s forward. We are confident in our processes.

Our Services

Our services are suitable for business owners across different industries and markets, whether B2B or B2C.

Website Content/ Services Pages Copywriting

Your website content: your Home Page, About Us and Services Pages are very crucial to building trust and attracting qualified leads and customers.

Every page should be Intentional, Engaging and filled with killer content that paints your brand in a positive image and turns first time website visitors into customers.

We know your ideal customers, we know what they think, we know their pain points, we know what they want, let us help you get them to buy from you without resistance.

SEO Content Writing Services

Our SEO Content Creation Services are designed to help your business gain visibility, establish you as an authority in your industry and engage and educate your target audience so they can trust and happily give you their money.

  • Blog Posts
  • Authority Articles
  • Guest Posts
  • Review Articles

Email Newsletter Writing Services

According to stats, Email marketing has a 4400% ROI, that is for those who do it right.

If you have the best offer but your email copies suck, people are not going to buy from you. Your email copy is arguably the most important element of your email marketing campaign.

First, you have to find a way to get people to read your emails, you can achieve this using attention-grabbing titles that stop people in their tracks.

Then, make the content informative and engaging so that your subscribers will read it and click through to make a purchase, take part in a survey or whatever action you want to take.

We can help you create simple but powerful emails that get opened, read and acted on.

Done For You Package

Content Planning, Content Development, Onpage SEO Optimization & Publishing

If you would just love to focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the content side of things, we’ll be happy to do just that for you.

The custom Done For You Package includes:

  • Content Planning
  • Content Development
  • Onpage SEO Optimization
  • Publishing

We can also help with content overhaul and rewriting of your old posts with necessary updates and new information.

Trusted By:

“The guys at VHRNET Media provide high quality content at competitive rates. I have used their writing services on multiple projects and both clients and myself are very pleased with the results. Not only is the writing excellent, but it is also SEO optimized. The copy flows very well. Highly recommend.”
Williams Jones
CEO, Rank Fortress
"If you want great content at a great price, you can’t go wrong with VHRNET Media. They've written a ton of content for me, and I've never been disappointed with the result, especially when it came to ranking."

Bradley Bennett
CEO, GingerHippo
“When it comes to content strategy and content writing, VHRNET Media is my go to vendor. The quality is always exceptional.”
Chris M Walker
CEO, Legiit & Superstar SEO
"VHRNET Media is a big part of every SEO campaign I run for my clients. They handle the content side of things."

Anthony Brooks
SEO, Brooks Internet Marketing

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